The Body Shop: Igniting a global movement for self-love

The Brief

The Body Shop’s global mission? To return to its positive, activist roots and reignite the brand’s relevance and resonance amongst its target audience of young, ethically engaged (YEE) women across the world.

By focusing on a serious issue that affects young women - a lack of self-love - in a world where pressures to look and be an idealised version of our female form could not be more heightened.

Our agreed objectives? Deliver a hard-hitting, global campaign that would identify just how widespread a problem this is so The Body Shop could offer practical solutions about how to start a journey from self-loathing to self-love. And inspire 1 million acts of self-love around the world in 1 year.

Our Response

Gain insight, enlist celebrity and macro influencer support and an expert

Working in partnership with Ipsos MORI we surveyed over 22,000 people across 22 countries.

Our research findings revealed that only one in two women across the world experience feelings of self-love.  It also gave us insight into the drivers for low self-love, including across generations, lifestyles, and sexualities.  

We enlisted the support of Jameela Jamil as the lead global advocate, a renowned media personality and social justice activist. And Sara Kuburic, the Millennial Therapist, who could combine her expertise as a licensed therapist with an active and engaged Instagram following to deliver the support for womxn throughout the campaign.

Finally, working with The Body Shop’s in market teams we recruited 3-4 "leading lights" for each country in which the campaign would run, and brought together incredible activists to be our campaign beacons, fighting for women's rights, minority communities' rights, trans rights, and disability rights across the world.

Spreading the love with traditional and social media

We negotiated a series of roundtables for Jameela and Sara with 56 target global media across 22 countries, focusing on the titles we knew over indexed with our target audiences for example Marie Claire, Glamour, Elle and Cosmo.  Because The Fourth Angel has strong relationships at a global level with these media, we were able, at speed, to secure significant and multiple articles, including front cover treatments for the campaign - despite the Meghan/Harry Oprah interview breaking just before our campaign launched. All content and coverage was earned.

The Results

The campaign generated more than 1.5bn opportunities to engage via our multi-channel & multi-market coverage - to put this in context, the 2018 FIFA World Cup final attracted a mere 1.1 billion! And our numbers continue to grow.

Key highlights to date include:

·      Our IG live event with Jameela and Sara attracted in excess of 254k views

·      The campaign inspired 2,075,285 acts of self- love in just nine months

·      Mention volumes were 633% higher than usual (increase on the median of expected volume of mentions) – USA, UK, AUS

·      Global SOV rose 12% YTD for the Jameela Jamil activation period

Commenting on the campaign, Sanjani Shah, Global Head of PR says:

“The Self Love campaign has helped re-ignite and amplify our mission and purpose to be an activist brand.  We are continuing to honour our founder’s mission and vision of creating a fairer and more beautiful world.  One in which beauty is about being the very best of you, inside and out.  In order to create a positive change in the world, we must start with creating a positive change within. The campaign launched amidst the global pandemic, which meant restrictions in what we could do physically.  The Fourth Angel helped deliver a brilliant campaign. It engaged, excited and inspired our target audiences – from colleagues to customers.  Not only did we see a huge uplift in positive sentiment and engagement with the brand, we helped people jump into the journey of self-love.  That’s been the most fulfilling part.”

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