An Italian Gathering with the Bright Family

The Brief

Prezzo wanted to run a campaign called Italian Gathering for the spring, but there was no story behind what it was about and what an Italian Gathering exactly was.

Our Response

We created that story: Bringing people together, time well spent

We created the narrative: At Prezzo it's more than just a meal, it's an experience

We created conversation starter: We used cue cards with sets of questions for family, friends and colleagues to ask really basic questions that they wouldn’t normally ask, to get to know their family and friends bette - even when they thought they knew them so well...

We recruited the Bright family (Lydia and Debbie formerly of TOWIE), who have the world’s first reality podcast. Debbie is half Italian and her heritage is raised through her family

The Brights dined at their local Prezzo in South Woodford and we filmed them as they enjoyed a meal and getting to know each other on a different level

The Results

Bookings were up the weekend the campaign launched 38%

We negotiated 8 posts across the Bright’s family social media channels

We secured over 141,000 impressions, 96% of these on Prezzo’s Instagram were non-followers, meaning this campaign reached almost an entirely new audience

Traffic to Prezzo’s website from Instagram was up 93% on the weekend we launched the campaign

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