A month in the life of the Prezzo Press Office: perspiration and inspiration 

The Brief

We are Prezzo’s “always on” press office. It takes a lot of work with proactive and reactive requests, organising reviews and managing issues from allergic reactions to foreign objects in the food.

By way of example, during January 2020, we had two main focuses for Prezzo’s press office:

Create Your Happy - the January set menu with something for everyone, split into three options: lower carbs; protein; or indulgent

The vegan test dishes -10 restaurants were testing a selection of vegan dishes, and we needed to drive people  to try them out to help us decide which would make it onto future menus

Our Response

With a tight budget, our work has been as much about perspiration over inspiration to make sure all the local restaurants enjoy as much support as possible, especially around new menu releases

As well as targeting national and regional media, (Prezzo has around 180 restaurants), we target influencers in the foodie, vegan and lifestyle space across the UK

We regularly coordinate media and influencer visits to review our restaurants. We ensure all GMs are fully briefed and prepared to offer their best service and food.

The Results

We secured blanket coverage for Prezzo at a national and regional level.

Most importantly, our work has helped Prezzo deliver year on year growth.  The CEO and Marketing Director cite PR as being one of their key growth drivers.  We can evidence how PR only campaigns (there are unashamedly two examples in this deck), have driven footfall including a 38% rise in bookings over one weekend).

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