McVitie's: From palm oil to rabbits

The Brief

There’s nothing quite so powerful as a simple biscuit. But behind every digestive there’s a potential issue. From ingredients such as palm oil and sugar. Floods and fires in our factories. Defending and promoting the great British biscuit took a lot of cups of tea and hard work.

Our Response

We conducted a full analysis of all the issues we knew McVitie's and United Biscuits the parent company were facing and could face. Then prepared all the assets we might need.

We fended off challenges from consumer affairs editors and BBC documentary makers about high levels of sugar and the provenance and efficacy of our palm oil.  We had to work through the night and weekends when our factories flooded.

We also had to remove a section of our Christmas biscuit ad which featured a rabbit in a position that the Rabbit’s League Protection group challenged.

All. In. A. Day’s. Work :)

The Results

McVitie’s net promoter scores rose.

United Biscuits was preparing for a sale and the share value of the company rose as we were able to position it as a robust business bringing the best of British manufacturing and marketing which made it a highly attractive takeover target.

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