Position Childs Farm as THE skincare brand

The Brief

To position Childs Farm as a brand for all skin types not just those with dry skin or eczema.

To launch Farmologie, the new adult brand.

Our Response

By taking a fresh look at the way they communicate the products through highlighting additional benefits but not ignoring what has made them successful.

Engaging more broadly with influencers and celebrities during the COVID lockdown for a quick turn around.

Creating hero products that stand on their own within the line up e.g. detangling spray and sun care.

Focusing on how Childs Farm products are an important of our skin routines that can benefit health e.g.washing hands and going to sleep at night.

Launching a campaign to encourage families to wash, dry and moisturise during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond to protect precious hands and keep them safe.

Placing case studies with media.

The Results

Over 44 million reach achieved in first two months or working.

Over 60% of all coverage included links back to Childs Farm.

New influencers reached and engaged with.

Brooke Vincent from Corrie took part in the Wash, Dry, Moisturise campaign free of charge to support mums in encouraging their children to implement this vital routine.

Our Sun online case study that appeared in July drove 2,000 new web visitors over the weekend the article ran.

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